Animals that hunt or feed at night are acutely keen about their surroundings.  They want to attack or feed in an area where they will not be noticed.  Any disruption to an ideal setting will cause them to hesitate and flee the area.  The Solar Nite Eyes introduces a set of flashing lights to an area where a Predator thinks it's another set of eyes.  This causes them to immediately take notice,  flee and seek another area where they feel less threatened.  This Device has been used successfully around the World to protect property and guarded areas such as pens.


Product Details:

The Solar Nite Eyes are maintenance free and operate automatically.  There are no batteries to install or change.  Simply place the Solar Nite Eyes at your desired location and at the proper height.  Be Certain the Solar Panel is sitting on top where it will receive full sunlight daily--and that's it!


The Solar Nite Eyes employs LED technology. The Red LED's flash automatically at night and have a lifespan of 50,000+ plus hours so there is never a need to change bulbs. 


The Solar Nite Eyes has a life expectancy of 3 years when used properly


Dimensions are Length 10cm, Width 4.5cm and Height 2.5cm. Weight = 80 grams


The Solar Nite Eyes has been proven effective to guard areas such as, but not limited to:  Gardens, Vineyards, Orchards, Flower Beds, Livestock, Poultry and Game Bird Pens, Campsites, Fishponds, around Trash Bins, etc.


The Solar Nite Eyes protects against fox, cougar, bobcat, mink, coyotes, raccoons, deer, bear, wild boar, oppossum, skunk, owls, hawks, and more!


It is often recommended that 4 units are used and deployed in a 360 Degree format to keep approaching Predators at bay from each direction.  If needed, our knowledgeable Customer Support Staff will be happy to recommend what is best for you.